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Sheldon Mickelson

Humble Beginnings

Sheldon is no stranger to adversity, in 1987 he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Having moved to south Florida from Washington state, he had five young kids (including a newborn) and he had $0 to his name.  Trying to provide for a family of seven on a minimum wage job just wasn’t cutting it.

He caught a huge break when his friend Steve offered to help him out and get into the construction waste hauling business with him. A plumber by trade, Sheldon decided to tackle the challenge of learning a new business.  After only 5 weeks, Steve wanted out of the partnership so that Sheldon could build the business on his own. Sheldon bought Steve out of the business and decided to keep the founding name S&S Waste to pay tribute to a friend who helped when he was in need and a reminder to do the same to others. With only his family’s immediate financial needs at the forefront of his mind, he had no idea that it would blossom into the company it is today. With very humble beginnings, Sheldon spent his days loading trash by hand into a truck that was borrowed to him from a friend. The hand picking process was hard labor but led Sheldon to the most innovative system for waste removal yet. After 2 years he purchased his first grapple truck.


Sheldon is truly an innovator. He has revolutionized the construction waste hauling process in South Florida by implementing systems and processes that were unheard of in trash removal. The most unique innovation is the use of grapple trucks in combination with a stationary container rather than a traditional roll off container for waste removal. This led to the discovery of a safer way to remove waste from hi-rise buildings. By using the unique method of a stationary container and trash removal via a grapple, the waste container is never removed from underneath the trash chute, eliminating the need for the trash chutes to be closed down during a container removal. This allowed for construction to continue and a cleaner work environment. With this unique system of waste removal S&S Waste has grown to be one of the top construction waste removal companies in South Florida.

Over the past 30 years, S&S Waste has continued to be renowned for its excellent service – and recognized as the originator of the Grapple System for construction waste removal – which is still considered second-to-none.

GSP Cabinetry

Founded with his son Aaron in 2019 they have a huge vision to bring innovation and second-to-none service to the cabinet manufacturing business.  Sheldon brings 34+ years in the service industry to the table and knows how to deliver what other companies only promise. He is an incredible visionary and leader which is essential to the growth of GSP.

The story is just beginning…

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