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Aaron Mickelson Cabinetry
Phone: 864-707-9595
Aaron Mickelson

Entrepreneur and passionate woodworker, Aaron has been doing cabinets for well over a decade now.

His formative years were shaped by days spent in his father’s shop. It was there that his strong work ethic grew into what it is today. At 13 years old, Aaron was already welding trucks along side the shop guys. From there he went onto to become the head dispatcher for his father’s waste hauling company. He continued working there for years to help grow the family business.

After getting married, Aaron joined his father in a new venture: flipping houses. It was during this season of life that Aaron discovered his passion for cabinetry and kitchen design. After their time of flipping houses came to a close, Aaron took the giant leap of faith to start his own cabinet company.

What started as a small venture out of the the back of his pickup truck, quickly gained traction. Soon he got his own small cabinet shop. He learned all the ins & outs of cabinets. Everything from assembly to installation to design work. He did it all and loved it.

As the years went by, Aaron always had the dream to manufacture cabinets in the back of his mind. After having assembled countless cabinets, installing hundreds of kitchens and designing more than he could recall, he always knew he could create a way to manufacture cabinets that would revolutionize the industry.

His dream of manufacturing has now come true. His years of being a business owner, cabinet dealer, installer, and designer have paid off. He knows every facet of what it takes to create a beautiful kitchen/bathroom from start to finish: it all starts with a quality cabinet. GSP is the culmination of years of hard work and fine tuning the art of creating a product Aaron can proudly stand behind. And for someone as meticulous as Aaron, that’s no easy feat. His passion for creativity, excellence, and integrity are what drives GSP to continue to provide the best cabinets.

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