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Manufacturing Various Cabinet Types

What we will cover

There are 3 primary cabinet types through the world – Framed, Frameless and Inset.

Traditional Framed Cabinets

This type cabinetry is one of the most common found in America. It features a cabinet box with an applied face frame to give its finished look. The doors and drawers are then mounded to the frame and overlay the openings by 1/2″.


Frameless Cabinets

Commonly referred to as European style cabinets, frameless cabinets do not utilize a solid wood frame to give the cabinet box its finished look. The box itself has applied edge banding that typically matches the color of the cabinet doors which completes the look of the box. The doors and drawers are mounded directly to the box of the cabinet and overlay the cabinet box which creates a clean and elegant design which is more pleasing to the eye.

Framed Inset Cabinets

Considered to be the “Cream of the crop”, Inset cabinets are built like pieces of furniture rather than a modular cabinet boxes that create a completed kitchen.

“Inset” simply means the door and drawer front sit INSIDE the opening of a framed or frameless cabinet rather than overlay the face of the cabinet box.

This blog will be updated with some pictures and further illustration later.

Check back soon!


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